Should Teachers and Students be Friends on Social Media

Should Teachers and Students be Friends on Social Media

There is a very heated debate going on these days that whether teachers and Students should be allowed to be friends or not on the Social Media. There is no unanimous opinion regarding the issue. Everyone holds a difference of opinion on the matter some people say that it should be allowed while others say that it cannot be allowed. We are living in the digital era. People of every age group and profession use it on daily basis to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. Even businesses are conducted through social media. Kids at very early age become familiar with social media applications.

If we accept the narrative of the people saying that it should be allowed then we should examine the positive implications of this communication.

  1. social control: When students knew that there are teachers added to their social circle they become conscious of what are they posting. They will not post any inappropriate or indecent things on their social accounts.
  2. Privacy/Shyness: some students don’t like going up to their teacher in front of their whole class so doing it in a more private environment will make a lot more students feel more comfortable.
  3. Stay Connected:  After leaving educational institutions students can stay in touch with their teachers and can seek guidance about career or any other problem.

In contrast, many people go against this narrative and say that teachers and Students should not be permitted to become friends on social media. Following are the reasons for this viewpoint

  1. Privacy concerns: this is one of the most concerning issues. Students do not feel comfortable with teacher’s presence all the time. They do not want to share their private life with each other.
  2. Biased Attitude: Teachers can become biased and judgmental towards students cue to their social media activities.
  3. Loss of Authoritative role Teachers can squander their authoritative personality if they become friends with students on social media. Professional boundaries can be breached due to too much exposure to each other ‘s life.

By examining the perspective of both sides, it became evident that both sides have their own arguments regarding the subject. Both narratives are acceptable due to the valid is a professional relationship, therefore, both should try to maintain boundaries. There should be the clear difference in and out of the class environment. Unnecessary exposure to each other ‘s life can cause problems Moreover, it can be allowed after the graduation or leaving the institutions.

Teachers should use professional applications to communicate with students to provide guidance if they need after class. Appropriate relationships between teachers and students can be built by attending office hours or emailing for class-related advice. Teachers guide students in a professional capacity, and being social doesn’t seem like part of the job description. Teachers can use social media as an effective tool for teaching within institutional social media policy.