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Career Counselling

Career Counselling

STUDENTS Career Counselling: Redefining and Reshaping the Lives of Our Younger Generations

Career Seminar

STUDENT’INN, being Pakistan’s first organization working for Youth Empowerment takes the responsibility to create a proper methodology for the assessment of a student’s aptitude and guide him towards the right career path, which not only harmonizes with his traits but also brings success, wealth and peace of mind to his life.

STUDENT’INN has designed a unique career counseling session for the students, which includes a variety of activities, along with a distinctive one-to-one session with the renowned and well experienced career counselor of Pakistan,  In this way, a student is assessed and his hidden potentials are revealed. This career counseling session is first of its kind in Pakistan and students from all over the country come for this session on daily basis. It is evident from the fact that STUDENT’INN Career Counseling Session holds a success rate of 96% Alhamdulillah (based on a survey report).


STUDENT’INN Career  Research Dept has devised an exclusive Career Planning Workshop for the students of schools, colleges and universities who are unclear about which career path they should choose to make a successful living. The workshop consists of a number of activities and interactive sessions which help in identifying and examining each student’s personality traits, desires, interests, strengths, weaknesses, abilities and inclination which ultimately help the students in planning their career more professionally. Time tested and internationally standardized methods of psychological assessment enable a precise correlation of abilities, potentials & their application in practical life.

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It is a major need of students and parents to get a thorough guidance on issues like selection of a career, available career options, introduction, requirements, nature of the work and work environment of different careers, self awareness, personality development, selection of a university, admission strategy, changing market trends, best careers, getting into your dream job, entrepreneurship, and hundreds of related issues. STUDENT’INN, after realizing this, introduced a complete guidance package for the students, parents and teachers in the form of Career Planning Seminar.
Career Planning Seminar (CPS) is designed to address career planning needs, practices and utilities for the students and their parents. 

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"After Attending 2 days Career Counselling Workshop , My life totally changed . I got admission in QAU .Try it and you'll love it!"
Tehmina Ahmed
"One to One Session is great. My Career Guided assign by STUSENT'INN is great.My relationship was about to over. But eventually, i came across STUDENT'INN ADD. My personal problems has been solved. Try Personal Counselling service.!"
Paras Shah
"Meet The Seniors Program is awesome, I learn how to choose university for my BS program. thanks STUDENT'INN!"
Ahmed Nawab
"Online Career Counsliing lecture sesier is great service By STUDENT'INN, i learn effective use of social media"
Ali Muneeb

One to One

Designed for One to one Session,


Online Career Counselling Sessions, Skype, Zoom

For Professionals

It’s never too late to find out how to use your potentials at the optimum level. If you are already working but are not satisfied with your existing job and want to switch your profession, STUDENT’INN has a complete solution for you as